Robert Naish


I consider myself to be an urban artist drawing my ideas, imagery and colour from the inner city.
My paintings are overlays of pattern, geometric shapes and quasi-pictographs derived from found objects that are used as stencils or templates.
These found objects originally might have been technological components, toys or vacuum formed grids, virtually any interesting shape that can be temporarily attached to the canvas surface while colour is applied with a spray gun.
I am not particularly interested in the original pictographic meaning of these shapes, but rather in the overall compositional effects that convey ideas or psychological moods that enable me to express themes and ideas inspired by the experience of living in an urban environment.
My colour mimics the graphic surface and vivid hues of signs, graffiti, neon,light-emitting diodes,and electronic monitor scans - perhaps an artist's vision of provocative "cyberspaces".

- Robert Naish